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Today i'm off to my dad's 80th birthday in Inverloch. I know it will be a great night, but there'a lot of work to do setting up party arrangements and all the other things that go along with preparing for a large event. With everything going on I want to look smart enough to fit in at the party and confident enough to help out with the tasks at hand. So here is my outfits for today, it feels like 'work clothes' but also be comfortable enough for a road trip:

I started with a pair of the black Gracie pull up jeans, layered with a Betty Basic Singlet (it''s going to be cold today), an over sized white shirt,  adding the Boom Shankar Chambray dress open as a jacket and a snug scarf, white sneakers and some accessories and I'm all set. 

I could easily change this up to wear to my kids weekend sport by adding some gum boots

Have a great weekend.


Kindness and Colour live here,


Alecia Minster

 Woman wearing skinny jeans, white shirt and chambray jacket