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Shopping during a pandemic?

A quick scroll through Instagram this week feels like walking through a cattle market; it’s noisy and slightly overwhelming. Instagram influencers are promoting discounted affiliates links every day and retailers are dropping new exciting ranges to hook you in, meanwhile, we’re eating more and COVID Kilos are expanding our waistlines! At least there is one constant during a pandemic: were all in this together and shopping online just got a whole lot more fun. 

What are we looking for online? Turns out we are all looking for something that makes us feel good. There are pitfalls in shopping during stressful times, choices are made that can be regretted.  Given the world we now live in, no-one could blame you for wanting a well-earned break from the home-schooling chaos, work, loved ones, Netflix etc by partaking in a little online retail therapy.

I’m a fashion stylist and I love my job working for individuals, fashion houses and clothing brands. I provide fashion advice, choosing and coordinating outfits for my clients and helping them audit their wardrobe to ensure they are not buying things they don’t need.   The highlight of my job is seeing my clients look and feel great for any occasion and having the confidence to rock it! I want to do this for you. 

When the idea for Annie Marlow sparked, we had no idea the world would spin out of control and as a fashion stylist, I didn’t own a ‘nice tracksuit’ but I wanted one. Pre COVID, if I wasn’t in activewear, I was wearing a dress or suit pants and killer heels. These days, I just want to be comfortable, yet stylish enough to grab my mask and head out for a takeaway coffee or jump on a Zoom call, and I still want to feel good in what I’m wearing. With that in mind, I’ve handpicked the launch range for Annie Marlow to fit this need for you too. From knits to relaxed Tees and easy wear jeans and jackets, we’re thrilled with the collection. 


I’m so excited to share with you some of my methods to get the best results for my clients, next up is my list of questions to ascertain your style. Then, I’ll take you through an instructional guide to detoxing your wardrobe, this will avoid purchasing items you’ll regret when we all emerge from our homes again.